Saturday, July 30, 2016

Prayer Cards

We are so thankful to everyone who is already praying for our dear Lucy! Thank you so much for jumping on board with us and lifting her up before the throne of our Father.

I think I have figured out a way to share a link with you that you can download the prayer cards for Lucy directly from my blog. I'm really hoping this works! I've never done it before, so bear with me.

If it doesn't work, I'll figure something else out! So let's give it a try!

If you attend FBC Cherokee Village or FBC Bentonville, we will have physical cards available for you to pick up at church. But until we have those ready, feel free to print one of your own if you'd like.

Also, to anyone who downloads and prints these cards, our hearts would be so so delighted if you would also join us in passing them out to your church congregation, Sunday school classes, friends, families, strangers... ANYONE! We truly want the whole world lifting up Lucy in prayer.

So print and share all you want!

Thank you from the deepest place in our hearts.

1 comment:

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