Saturday, July 30, 2016

Prayer Cards

We are so thankful to everyone who is already praying for our dear Lucy! Thank you so much for jumping on board with us and lifting her up before the throne of our Father.

I think I have figured out a way to share a link with you that you can download the prayer cards for Lucy directly from my blog. I'm really hoping this works! I've never done it before, so bear with me.

If it doesn't work, I'll figure something else out! So let's give it a try!

If you attend FBC Cherokee Village or FBC Bentonville, we will have physical cards available for you to pick up at church. But until we have those ready, feel free to print one of your own if you'd like.

Also, to anyone who downloads and prints these cards, our hearts would be so so delighted if you would also join us in passing them out to your church congregation, Sunday school classes, friends, families, strangers... ANYONE! We truly want the whole world lifting up Lucy in prayer.

So print and share all you want!

Thank you from the deepest place in our hearts.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Prayers for Our Lucy

I haven't blogged in a very, very long time. But it's time to start blogging again. This is how I process in the midst of trials - through writing. And we have recently discovered that we are in the midst of a brand new, completely unwanted and unexpected trial.

Many of you reading this already know me personally, and I know there are many who do not know me personally, but you followed with me a while back as I was processing and grieving the loss of my Momma in 2013 to cancer. Just so you know, I am still processing and grieving. The hurt has not gone away. Everyday life has become more manageable, but I still desperately need her and miss her more than words can say.

Today, I begin the journey of processing through an entirely new season. I am 27 weeks pregnant with our precious gift from the Lord, our little girl Lucy Rae. Last week we received the news that Lucy has been diagnosed with a severe form of Ebstein's Anomaly - a heart defect that will require multiple surgeries after she is born (one before she can leave the hospital). With Lucy's case being on the more severe side, we are uncertain of her future - short term and long term.

I've learned a lot about the heart in the last 7 days, but still not enough to fully explain Ebstein's to you. For those of you who may be interested, you can click here to learn more about Lucy's condition.

We beg for your prayers. As we plead day and night like the persistent widow in Luke 18, we ask that you would join us in petitioning our great God for a miracle only He can perform. Science tells us her heart will not change. The way it developed is a done deal. Well, our God is BIGGER! He formed Lucy's heart. He is still knitting her together in my womb this very moment. If He would but speak the word, she would be healed (Matthew 8:8). In His hand are power and might, so that none is able to withstand Him (2 Chronicles 20:6). Please pray for Lucy. Please pass the word along to anyone and everyone. The more who know and can pray the better. We want the whole world to watch and wait in anticipation of what our powerful God can do.

I am in the process of creating prayer cards to pass out to ANYONE who wants them. As soon as I get them finished, I would love to email you a PDF file for you to print and have for yourself. Please leave a comment with your email address and I'll send them out as soon as they are ready.

Thank you in advance for joining us in praying for Lucy!