Thursday, July 31, 2014

Short Update

I know I said I was going to try and do better about updating, but this summer has been SO crazy! Really I'm just posting to say that I will be giving a full update hopefully this weekend!

All is well with the pregnancy. I'm 15 weeks along and have a tiny bump showing! I'll post a pic soon.

Summer is about to wind down, and I'll be shooting for at least one post a week. Hang in with me during this crazy busy time!

Friday, July 4, 2014

12 Weeks and a Blessing

Can I just say I am so glad that my pregnancy is no longer a secret?! It is so nice to be able to openly talk about it with whomever I please!

I will share soon about how we revealed our secret to the students at camp. It was so fun!

So today I am officially 12 weeks, and baby is the size of a plum! Woohoo!

We had our first appointment about a week ago, and got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat, and we even got a free ultrasound! It was such a blessing!

Baby Street at 10 1/2 weeks
Sucking his/her thumb!

We took our students to camp this past week, and I am so thankful I felt great all week! The food was, um, edible... And it was a little humorous to see how many different meats they could put on a bun and make a meal out of it. But other than the food, I feel like the Lord gave me lots of grace and energy to do what I needed to do.

This was our first camp without my mom. Her absence was so evident to me, and the hole in my heart was massive. I missed being able to hold her hand and hug her while singing praises to our Savior - that is one of my favorite pastimes with my momma.

The Lord also blessed me in a mighty way this week through her absence. First you need to understand that when my Mom was around, I clung to her side and followed her around like a little baby duckling. I let her take the lead in everything. I literally hid in her shadow, and I loved it. But now I can't do that anymore. And as much as I miss being able to that, and as much as I obviously miss her with every ounce of my being, I am also so thankful for this new blessing I have discovered...

It is the blessing of being so deeply and tangibly loved by my Father in heaven through His people here on earth. There was one day in particular while at camp when I saw this most evidently. Some of the adult leaders had gathered in the worship center during free time to pray over the room and the chairs that would soon be filled by students. As I began to try and pray, my heart was overwhelmed with brokenness. You see, I still struggle with so many different emotions - ranging from anger and frustration about my mom being gone, all the way to joy, thankfulness and excitement about this new life growing inside of me - too many emotions for this hormonal pregnant girl to handle. I talked to husband for a little bit and he prayed over me. And then I approached Jenny, a long-time family friend and a woman I look up to and admire. She also lost her mom around the same age as me. As I walked toward her, I couldn't hold back my tears. I just walked up and asked her to please pray for me. She wrapped her arms around me and prayed and we hugged and cried together. As the other adults finished praying around the room, they came over to us and I cried some more and hugged them.

It was such a sweet moment of release for me. To allow these women to see my brokenness and to experience their love toward me. It's a fellowship and a bond that wouldn't be formed under any other circumstance. I love these ladies so much - Jenny, Kristy, Dawn and Robyn - thank you for loving Jesus the way that you do, and thank you for loving me and supporting me and walking with me through such a difficult time. I am thankful for your friendship and for the bond that grew deeper at camp this week.

"This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

9-Week Update

Sunday, June 15th

As of this past Friday, I am nine weeks pregnant! Baby is the size of a green olive right now. Woohoo!

In my "broken cisterns" post, I spoke of a wide range of emotions that I have been sorting through and trying to figure out how to handle. I wish I could have told you specifically just exactly what all I was talking about, but the secret wasn't out yet! So jump back to that post if you need a refresh. Then you will understand even more so all my crazy emotions ranging from anger and frustration to pure joy and excitement. It's a lot for this pregnant girl to handle!

Up to this point, I guess my symptoms have been pretty manageable. I feel very tired and exhausted all the time. I mean hello! My body is in the process of creating another human right now. Holy cow. I also fight nausea pretty much all the time. Thankfully no yacking so far (sorry, I don't really know a polite word for "throwing up"....yacking may not have been the best choice). To stay on top of my nausea I basically just have to be eating all the time. Which isn't a bad thing... unless nothing sounds good!

So this is kind of funny. Apparently I'm not very good at keeping my pregnancy a secret. Somehow I've been giving myself away to some of our very curious, very observant teenage girls in our youth ministry (yes, girls, you know exactly who you are if you are reading this)! A week ago, 2 of them approached me separately and told me, "You just look like you're glowing!" And then one proceeded to rub my belly and just blatantly ask me, "Is there a baby in there?" I don't even remember how I responded to her, but in my mind I was wondering how in the world they knew and/or who told them?! I tried to play it off by asking them if I was starting to look a little chubby.... I'm not really sure if it worked.

We will be revealing our big secret to all the students at camp, which means I only have to hold off for about 2 more weeks! I'm ready to get our secret out in the open!

That's pretty much all for now! We love this little growing life so much already!

"This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."