Friday, May 9, 2014

Going on Some Trips!

I'm really excited about the upcoming week and a half! I'm going on two trips!

Today, I am flying out to go to Abilene, TX. I was supposed to leave yesterday, but my flight got cancelled due to rain, which was a bummer. But I'm thankful I could get it rescheduled to today. I'm looking forward to this trip for many reasons...

1. I get to go see my Mom's parents!
2. I will hopefully get to see my Dad's parents!
3. I will be attending a women's brunch at my grandparent's church. The theme is all about JOY, which many of you know it has been a battle for joy over the past 4 months... well really over the past year at least.

Although there are many reasons that I am looking forward to this trip, honestly, there is also some fear and anxiety trailing right behind. This will be my first trip to Abilene without my Mom. This is where my mom grew up. This is her town. Her people. Her family. Her friends. Her church. Her home. Everything will scream reminders of her. Everyone will know me because they knew her. I am Janet's daughter. That's how people know me. But Janet is no longer here. It's just me now. My mom would always introduce me (and re-introduce me every time we visited because I have a terrible memory) to people. I would always just stay by her and hang in her shadow. She was my comfort. My security blanket. I felt safe with her. Not that I won't feel safe. But these people are her people, her friends. How strange it will be being there without her.

And then Mother's Day is this weekend. The day I have been dreading for 4 months now. I won't linger on this too long. I am really thankful that I will be in Abilene this weekend with my grandparents and my Aunt Traci and Uncle David. With the people who are mourning the same loss that I am. Please pray for extra comfort and grace this weekend!

Soon after my trip this weekend, David and I will be going to the beach together in Destin, FL for a few days! I am so super excited to get away with him and soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean. You better believe you'll be hearing an update on that afterwards!

"This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. I've been thinking about you the past several days and wondering how what and how you were going to be doing on Sunday. I am glad you have something special planned, but know there will still be a huge void in your heart that day (as always). I will pray you have nothing but JOY all day!!!

  2. Praying it will be a easier first Mother's Day with out your Mom because you are with those dear to you. Praying you are finding new strength every day. Blessings to you!

  3. Wishing we were real life friends because that's where I live and I wish I could pray over you! Have fun and be safe!

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